Advice for New Students, Trainees & Postdocs

Diners in a courtyard in the Kerrytown neighborhood of Ann Arbor

Whether you or your loved ones are visiting or you need a place to stay while more permanent housing becomes available, you have choices in Ann Arbor. Check out this guide for ideas.

Students chat in front of the Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Whether you’re excited, nervous, or somewhere in between, this guide will provide a few useful tips on navigating your first few days in Ann Arbor. As always, reach out to your program or advisor for support and with questions.

Friends chat on a bench on the medical campus

Whether you’re focused on finding the best place to live that will reduce your bus commute, or you’re curious about interest groups at U-M — or you just want some insider tips on uniquely Ann Arbor places to explore! — this guide will help.

Medical student moms pose with their children

Whether you plan to arrive with a partner, kids, or all of the above, Ann Arbor is the place for you. Michigan Medicine and our family-friendly city are packed with resources to help you get settled and ready to take on your new adventure together.

A campus yoga class

At Michigan, we’re here to support you. That means nourishing your personal well-being and bolstering your academic and professional success. Use this guide to find the resources available to you as a member of the University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine communities.